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Solar Power System Servicing on the Gold Coast

As a solar power system owner, you likely believe in being green and reducing your carbon footprint. That’s a great start, but make sure that your solar panels stay clean and functional so you can have sustainable, renewable energy for as long as possible. SolaPlumb offers solar power system servicing and cleaning throughout the Gold Coast region.

What Do We Look Over?

We provide our solar power system servicing typically once a year or as needed. Some of the items we check, clean and maintain include:

  • Insulators
  • Inverters
  • Solar panels
  • Mounting racks
  • Power sources
  • Battery packs
  • Meters
  • Backup power

We look over all of these thoroughly to ensure all are in good condition.

Why Does Maintenance Matter?

You might think that solar power systems don’t require any maintenance. Discover why maintenance is so important for your solar power:

  • Systems get dirty: Because they’re outside, solar panels and other parts of the system have exposure to weather, pollution, dust and animals. An annual cleaning will keep your solar power system looking like new.
  • Maintenance protects your investments: If you don’t maintain your solar power system, this leads to inefficiency and corrosion. That could mean a high-cost replacement and a drain on your budget.
  • Maintenance protects you: If a part of your system is corroded or otherwise damaged, that increases the risk for malfunctioning parts that could shut down the system and potentially harm you or your home.

SolaPlumb can handle all your solar power system maintenance needs.

Why Choose SolaPlumb?

SolaPlumb understands the importance of maintaining solar power systems for maximum performance and investment return. As we largely focus on solar power systems, our level of experience and expertise enables us to provide the expert help you need.

Additionally, we always follow strict CEC recommendations and Australian standards to ensure your system receives the best of care. You won’t have to worry about any substandard work with us.

If you want to schedule your solar power system servicing, please call us on 07 5535 6257 today, or call us toll-free on 1300 427 652.