Solar Power Servicing

As a solar power system owner, you likely believe in being green and reducing your carbon footprint. 
That’s a great start, but make sure that your solar panels stay clean and functional so you can have sustainable, renewable energy for as long as possible. 

In order to ensure your solar system runs with maximum efficiency at all times, we offer solar servicing and cleaning throughout the Gold Coast.

We provide our solar system servicing typically once a year or as needed, ensuring that critical components are clean and in good working condition.

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Servicing Critical Solar Components

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Frequent Questions

We recommend maintaining an annual servicing schedule to ensure that your system is always in good condition and working efficiently.

Yes! In the long term servicing your system will ensure that you maximise the amount of electricity generated, which in turn reduces your bills and even helps make profit from power you sell back into the grid.

Yes you can choose to increase the capacity of your solar system at any time. Our solar experts can give you advice on how best to achieve your goals.

Because they’re outside, solar panels and other parts of the system have exposure to weather, pollution, dust and animals. An annual cleaning will keep your solar power system looking like new.

If you don’t maintain your solar power system, this leads to inefficiency and corrosion. That could mean a high-cost replacement and a drain on your budget.

If a part of your system is corroded or otherwise damaged, that increases the risk for malfunctioning parts that could shut down the system and potentially harm you or your home.

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