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Solar Power System Servicing on the Gold Coast

We keep the inside of our homes clean, but have you remembered your solar power panels? Out of sight should not mean out of mind when it comes to your solar power system as it requires regular cleaning and maintenance to maintain optimum safety and efficiency.

In-line with CEC recommendations and Australian standards, we recommend that an annual cleaning and safety check is performed on your solar power systems to maximise your returns and to protect your investment.

Why have your solar panels cleaned?

As they are located on the roof, your solar panels are subject to pollution, dust, leaves, salt spray and animal/bird droppings, which may lead to loss of efficiency and even corrosion.

Why have your isolators checked?

With recent reports of fires and incidents being caused by faulty isolators, and products being recalled, it’s important that your isolators are checked regularly to ensure they are in optimum condition and have no moisture ingress.

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