How To Tell If Your Solar Power System Needs A Service

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Solar panels are a long-term investment. If kept in good health, a solar panel from an authorised and reliable dealer can work for up to 25-30 years!

But timely checks are required to ensure that your solar panels are kept in pristine condition and ready to stick with you for the long haul.

Pay close attention to some symptoms we have listed below that will help you get your solar panels fixed in the early stages of a more significant problem. 

Reduced Electricity Output

If you are seeing overcast weather outside, it is natural for your solar panel to produce less power.

But if the power units produced are on the lower end even on sunny days, then there is something wrong somewhere.

You should immediately contact your solar panel servicing experts to see if something is wrong..

Declining Performance

Loose wiring is a major diagnosis that has shown declined performance in solar panels.

It also reduces the life of a solar panel too.

Yellow safety helmet on solar cell panel

If there is inconsistency in power production, there can be a chance that some wires somewhere are loosely or poorly connected.

However loose wiring on your solar system can be taken care of during regular maintenance visits.

Definitely do not try to correct the wiring issue on your own.

This is highly dangerous.

Make sure that you call the experts in and have them take care of this for you. 

Increasing Electricity Bill 

There can be a lot of reasons behind an increase in your electricity bill even after installing solar panels.

Microcracks on the panel that you cannot see with your naked eye or the formation of hot spots over time can cause the bill to increase.

Broken glass on the panel can be an immediate issue that causes a higher electricity bills.

But apart from scheduled maintenance, when should you call an expert to service your solar panel?

You may also be experiencing an accumulation of debris over your solar panels which of course will lower power output, and increase your power bills.

Once again consulting your solar servicing company will let you get a health check-up done on your solar panels and find any issues early.

Inverter Troubles

Solar panels are the easiest, simplest working mechanisms in when it comes to solar electricity production.

Your panels take energy from the sun and then the inverter attached to your panels, converts the sun’s energy into usable electricity.

When the inverter is doing its job, it will blink with a green light.

But when your invertor starts showing a red or orange light, that means the inverter is not performing as expected.

Make sure to check the inverter light during the day because that is when your inverter will be working to its maximum potential.

If the light is anything but green, call for a solar panel service.


Wear and tear is going to occur with all appliances, no matter how durable they are.

But with timely maintenance and regular servicing, all the issues above can be caught early.

More and more people in the country are switching to solar energy.

If you are one of them, be hands-on with the upkeep and ensure that you maximise the benefit they bring, and minimise any more significant issues which can be caused by neglect.

Call our expert solar panel servicing team to discuss your solar power system needs.

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