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Emergency Hot Water System Servicing on the Gold Coast

Your hot water system should provide you with reliable hot water for years to come, because like everything else around your home, your hot water service needs to be regularly maintained.

In order to keep it running at optimum efficiency, SolaPlumb recommends solar hot water servicing and maintaining your system.

  • In accordance with Australian standards, every five years.

Natural wear and tear can reduce the performance and efficiency of your hot water system. As such, the below perishable items will need servicing and replacing.

The Sacrificial Anode

As the name suggests, the anode sacrifices itself to protect the internals of your water tank from natural corrosive properties.

If your water tank it is depleted, it can be left vulnerable because it’s not well-maintained.

HT-55 Temperature And Pressure Safety Relief Valve

This is the valve responsible for keeping your system operating at a safe pressure.

The Element Gasket

Heat and pressure can cause the rubber gasket to deteriorate. These can cause leaks from the element section and cause irreparable damage if left too long.

Protect your house from damage caused by leaks or water ingress because it will result to a larger problem in the long run.

Have one of our authorised technicians cast their experienced eyes over it. Regular servicing will increase the longevity of your system, and maintain the performance you expect from your hot water system.

If your hot water system is not running at its highest efficiency level, you won’t be reaping the best savings.