How To Avoid Expensive Solar Repair Bills

The world we live in is facing a crisis of fast-depleting energy resources and globally warming temperatures.

In a grim situation like this, solar panels have come up as a solution that is both cost-friendly as well as environment-friendly.

With more and more people picking solar energy as their resource for electricity, the demand, and supply of solar panel installations has seen a healthy hike. 

The reason being the sustainable nature of solar panel installations.

They need little upkeep and have a long life.

But as with any appliance sometimes your solar panels may have performance issues.

We have dissected the problems to bring you our top recommendations on how to avoid expensive solar repair bills.

Identify The Most Common Problems

Solar Panels are popular with both commercial and residential properties.

They are widely popular because they are primarily very low maintenance and a great source of solar energy.

But low maintenance doesn’t mean zero maintenance.

If you notice any of the issues listed below, you should take care of them without any delay to save yourself expensive repair bills in the future.

Corrosion of Components

Ensure your solar panels are laminated under vacuum pressure so they are safe from air and water which can cause them to corrode as they’re exposed to the elements 24 hours a day..

Bad Electrical Wiring

Bad wiring can hamper the performance of your solar panels.

Wire connections that are ill-fitted or loose along with corrosion will be an obstacle in electricity production.

But don’t try to correct the wiring on your own.

Hire a licensed solar panel repair specialist and get the job done properly.

Solar Panel Hot Spots 

Hot spots form on your solar panels when there is too much heart and there is an overload.

Engineer servicing solar panel on electric plant

These hot spots result in low resistance in power generating components which can lower the life of your panels. 

Micro Cracks

Similarly, micro Cracks are small cracks that are invisible to the blind eye.

With passing time and changing weather, these micro-cracks can grow and compromise the effectiveness of your panels.

Low quality panels will typically degrade much faster because they’re made from inferior materials so ensure you have purchased your panels from a high quality installer.

Bird Nests

They may be harmless to you but they aren’t to your solar panels.

If they build a nest under your panels, it will compromise your panel’s output.

Invest in bird proofing solutions to get the best out of your solar panels!

Expensive Repairs That You May Need

Having solar panel repairs done is a daunting task and it can be expensive as well depending on how serious the issue is.

However this is only a worst-case scenario typically experienced by people who have purchased extremely low quality solar panels, or have failed to conduct regular servicing of their solar system.

Here are some examples of expensive repairs for solar panels.

Broken Glass

If the glass of your solar panel is broken, it will need immediate repair, so you can resume generating electricity.

Obstructing Branches

If the landscape of your home is such that branches from trees constantly obstruct the solar panel on the roof.

“As with any appliance sometimes your solar panels may have performance issues.”

This can cause lower productivity in your solar panel’s functioning, not to mention being a risk to the panels themselves if a branch falls and smashes a solar panel.

Broken Inverter

This is damage at the heart of a solar panel’s basic anatomy.

If your inverter is malfunctioning, get it replaced to enjoy the maximum output of your solar panels.

Damaged Tiling 

If the roof on which the panel is sitting becomes damaged, then the panel is resting on an ensecure surface.

Never take that risk.

You will have to uninstall the panels, do the tiling, and then re-install the panels again but it’ll probably save you from further costs when the solar panels are broken due to the faulty roof.


We advise you to keep your solar panels in good health by maintaining a regular servicing regime for your solar system.

A timely check on them will drastically increase their age and maximise their their output.

Call us any time if you’d like to enquire about servicing for your solar power system.

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