5 Mistakes to Avoid with Solar Hot Water

Solar water heatihg system.
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The use of solar energy is a good way to reduce your electricity bill.

If your solar panels are installed properly, you can get clean and free energy from the Australian sun for 20 years and more.

But when going solar keep in mind some key information to avoid making costly mistakes.

Installation errors

Try and install all the panels on the sunny part of the roof.

If any of the panels are in the shade the entire series of panels will not work to its optimum capacity.

If shade cannot be avoided, the professional team may suggest the use of technical solutions like microinverters or DC optimizers. 

There is also no point in installing a new solar system on an old roof. The life of a solar hot water system is about 20 years and installation is expensive.

So the roof must be in a good condition and not require repairs in which case the solar panel may need to be dismantled.

System design errors

Solar panels are installed in a string like the small Christmas lights.

A certain minimum voltage is required to turn on the solar inverters. So get experts to design the solar system so that the voltage is always within the required range.

The piping should be designed such that there are different pipes for hot and cold water.

The wrong piping connection between the panel and tank may result in hot water from the booster and not from the tank.

Also, ensure that the installation parameters are followed e.g. the maximum height difference between the top of the panel and the top of the tank.

SOlar hot water

The cheapest is probably not the best

Avoid opting for the cheapest solar hot water system. In the long run, an efficient solar hot water system is more economical than buying very cheap equipment.

“Cheap products tend to develop operational inefficiencies like not providing enough hot water for your needs.”

Also, avoid focusing on the equipment alone.

Look into the services provided by the company like after-sales support or hot water servicing and whether they have trained personnel to install the system correctly.

No prior planning

Do not make the mistake of not planning ahead once you decide to go for a solar hot water system.

Just selecting a good brand is not enough.

For low utility bills and a constant supply of hot water through solar power, the technicalities are very important, e.g. the size of the storage tank, the plumbing requirements, etc.

All these add to the final cost.

Not checking the quality of all the components

Before installation, you must check the quality of the panels and the inverter.

They must have gone through rigorous life cycle testing by an independent third-party engineering company.


Most modern systems can be connected to your home computer, your tablet, or smartphone so that you can monitor its performance.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your solar hot water options before you begin your project.

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