What Do Installers Look At During Solar Power Installations?

Most people in Australia and the Gold Coast area are aware of what climate change is and its potentially devastating effects. We could see a huge loss of arable land and a lack of water to sustain a growing population, and sea levels rise to the point where cities, islands and low-lying countries could be lost to history. However, we simply can’t live without electricity in this day and age, and that means we need to harness it in a clean way. Generating electricity by burning fossil fuels releases huge volumes of carbon dioxide and other dangerous gases into the atmosphere. However, you can reduce your carbon footprint by generating your own electricity.

While governments are investing massive amounts of cash into renewable energy, you can take action by having solar panels installed. The sun is a source of energy that certainly won’t run out in our lifetime. It’s a high-quality solar power installations in Gold Coast; meaning, you can be less reliant on the grid and do your part to help the environment. The Australian government offers financial incentives to homeowners who are considering the installation of solar panels. However, you need to know the company you choose has a wealth of experience and guarantees a high-quality finish.

At SolaPlumb, we’ve been installing solar panels for over 20 years and offer unrivalled customer service and honest advice. We’re here to make your home more environmentally friendly. Plus, our solar panels will help you make a significant saving on your energy bills. You deserve a hot shower in the morning and after a hard day at the office; but blackouts and other technical issues can take that miracle away. With our solar panels, you can feel confident that you’ll have hot water as and when required.

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Professional Solar Power Installers in Gold Coast

Solar panels will prove to be an invaluable asset, but you need to know they’re professionally installed. Have a peace of mind that they’ll run efficiently. Below, we’ll take a look at what Gold Coast solar power installers take into consideration before starting their work.

  • Location – It’s important that your solar panels are installed in a place that has constant exposure to the sun (when it’s shining). You don’t want to have solar panels installed in a shady area, but it’s also important to position them where they’ll be safe from harm.
  • Positioning – In addition to choosing the right location, solar panels need to be placed correctly to soak up as many rays as possible. You may not realise it, but even slightly wrong positioning can hugely affect the efficiency of your panels, making it vital to utilise the professionals for Gold Coast solar power installations.
  • The type of panel – Some panels are stand-alone where others feed electricity back into the grid. Make sure you work with a company who will give you honest advice on which type best suits your needs.

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We want to help you become more environmentally friendly and reduce your bills, and we’ve already helped thousands of homeowners in the Gold Coast area. To learn more about what we can offer and the required timeframe for installation, contact us today on 1300 GC SOLAR.

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