Is winter the best time to install a solar power system?

Solar system
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“While the Sun is shining, bask in it.” The same applies to solar power systems. Going solar is highly recommended. It uses natural energy, saves money and sustains over the long run.

There’s a time and place for everything. So what’s the best time to install a solar power system?

Ironically, the most common answer is winter. In Queensland, temperatures dip mildly but are not very harsh.

Solar Panels

However, experts across the world choose winter over summer for investing in solar. Here’s why.

Low demand, low prices

Solar power systems are not sought after much during winters. Since Queensland doesn’t experience extreme conditions, people use heating systems in moderation. Summers are quite the opposite. To beat the scorching heat, the coolers and air conditioners run all day long. So there’s a high demand for solar power systems in order to reduce excessive cooling costs. Higher the demand, greater the price! Availability issues also occur. Therefore, it’s wiser to invest in solar during winters. It comes cheaper owing to low demand. There’s excess stock, so you are spoilt for options. You can install customized systems at a great bargain. It’s a bang for your buck.

Sweat-free installation

Working on a rooftop in blazing conditions can be demanding. Technicians have to sweat it out during summers to get your solar power system installed. It can be a pain-staking task and they might end up doing a shabby job. During winters, conditions are favourable. Installers can go about with their job without much ado. They also get the work done at a much faster pace. There are no long queues of waiting customers or back-to-back installations.

Mind the Sun

Summers can take a toll on your mind and body. All you want is to stay in the comfort of your household. Running around then to choose the perfect solar power system is never a good option. It’s a time-consuming process and you need to weigh in the pros and cons. Shopping during the colder months gives you clarity and enough time to beat the rush. You have ample time to get it installed and check if it’s in working order. There’s no last-minute hurry. Your house is summer ready, prepared to face the heat in all its glory.

Chill is the right pill

There’s a misconception that solar power systems function best during the summers. That’s not true. It tends to produce more energy during cold days owing to lesser resistance from the panels. The days may be shorter. However, its efficiency levels are par or sometimes even higher than sunny days.

Store surplus energy

During winters, the usage of solar power systems is usually low. In Queensland, you have the ‘Net metering’ billing system in place. When your grid produces surplus energy, you get feed-in-tariffs or credits. Your meter, thereby, starts running in reverse. This reduces your cost and creates an energy bank for the summer months.

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