How to Minimise the Need to Solar Panel Servicing?

If you are an environmentally conscious person, you would be interested in reducing your carbon footprint on the planet. Therefore, there is a chance that you have considered or probably already installed solar panels to fulfil your energy needs.

To harness maximum solar energy, it is essential that the solar panels are kept clean and in good working order.

If the panels are exposed to bird droppings, pollution, sand, dead leaves, or dust, they will tend to accumulate dirt and this will reduce the efficiency of the panels.

If the efficiency drops below by more than 10% you will have to appoint a professional to service, the panels. But if you follow a few DIY cleaning tips you can minimize the need for solar panel servicing.Inspect your panels frequently, especially during climatic changes.

Clean solar panels regularly

Dead leaves, dirt and other debris can be detrimental to your solar panels and their performance. It is important that you stay on top of the maintenance so they are not blocked by this type of impurity.

Blocking out sun rays may mean a decrease in efficiency for our solar panel which could lead to an increase in electricity costs as well as lower production levels; something we want nothing more than too avoid!

Clean solar panels with the right products

You can buy a cleaning kit that comes with a wiper, a long-handled brush, and biodegradable soap to do the job. 

Never use detergents or abrasive sponges on the surface of the panels since they tend to scratch the panels and leave stains on them, which will tend to decrease the absorption of sunlight by the panels.

Don’t use hot water to in cold climates

Ok so it doesn’t snow very often in Queensland.

Solar panel on a wooden cottage in the forest

But if you do experience an unseasonal cold snap during winter, try not to use hot water to clean the snow on your panels since the difference in the temperatures may crack the panels.

Ensure safety when cleaning solar panels

When the roof needs a cleaning, you’ll want to make sure that your safety is not jeopardized.

Make sure that long-handled wipers are always within reach and also use ropes or even harnesses when getting on top of the roof with any supplies.

Be gentle when cleaning solar panels

A soft cloth is good enough to clean the panels.

To remove oily stains or stubborn dirt rub the panel gently with the cloth after dipping it in a cleaning solution.

Conduct visual inspections

During cleaning check the wiring, mounting racks, and other components. Check if there are any drainage issues or water damage around the panels.

Monitor electricity production

Monitor the inverter display daily and ensure that the green light is on and keep a daily record of the output.

Most modern inverters come with monitoring software installed in them to make this job easy.

If you don’t have one, you can consider installing an energy meter to keep tabs on the output and how the system is working.

In fact many solar power companies offer mobile apps so you can easily keep track of your power generation, and consumption.


It’s easy to clean and maintain your solar panels, but during installation please ensure that your installer uses the highest quality materials and components.

The efficiency and longevity of your solar panel system is almost guaranteed if you follow the above-mentioned tips for solar panel servicing.

Regular cleaning will mean you will need servicing less often since your system will be in good condition all the time.

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