Harness the Power of the Sun With A Solar System for Pool Heating

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When you want to take a hot shower, the process of warming the water to the right temperature is a trivial matter for modern technology. It doesn’t take very long, either. At most, you might need thirty minutes or more to wait for your water heater to bring a fresh, full tank up to temperature from empty.

The key is the water volume: in all but the largest heaters, the tanks only hold what the home needs for a reliable supply. Some do not even use a tank and directly heat the water on demand. That’s the key to their rapid heating.

When we look instead at pool heating systems, the equations change. Now we’re dealing with thousands of litres of water rather than the dozens or hundreds as in the system in your home. Consequently, we must also contend with a much more significant power draw. An electric system to heat a large pool can create a considerable expense for homeowners.

solar power

An eco-friendly approach to pool heating systems

At SolaPlumb, we proudly offer a newer, better option that can suit many homes. With solar pool heating, Gold Coast homeowners can take advantage of the abundant sunlight Australia receives every year. With recent strides in the durability and efficiency of the heating panels combined with the right pump technology, we can help you create the perfect conditions for swimming at home no matter the time of year.

The way it works is simple in concept. When using a swimming pool heating system, a new heat pump for pool heating will transport water from the pool to your solar panels. There, the heat from the sun’s rays warms the water quickly before it returns to the pool.

What if it’s too cloudy or rainy? Your pump won’t continue to run, costing you money. Instead, a built-in controller only activates the pumps when it detects an appropriate level of energy from the sun. The amount and size of the panels required to heat your pool will vary based on many factors; which we carefully consider during the design phase.

Explore your choices for installation today

Solar pool heating systems just make good sense in the beautiful conditions of the Gold Coast. Even when the thermometer dips, you can still gather friends and family for a party around the pool. While you enjoy the warm and pleasant water, you can also enjoy the knowledge that you’re saving money at the same time. The benefits for the protection of the environment don’t hurt, either!

Each solar pool heater installation varies from the last, but the SolaPlumb team has spent years accumulating the experience to understand the right approaches. With warranties on our work and dedication to satisfied clients before, during, and after installation, we are a family-owned local business you can trust with your pool. Call us on 1300 GC SOLAR to set up your free consultation today.

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