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Gold Coast Solar Repairs

SolaPlumb are fully endorsed, licensed, and insured solar service providers. We have been installing solar systems for more than 25 years all over the Gold Coast, so you can be confident that we have the skills and experience to provide you with the right solar solutions.

Solar panel systems operate like most other appliances and products. They require care and attention to operate at full capacity and may encounter reliability issues should they not be properly maintained. At SolaPlumb, we understand that with the thousands of homes between the Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales that have solar panels installed, there will be an overwhelming need to provide required repairs at some point during their operation.

While most solar systems will come with a warranty from the manufacturer, the panels may not due to such things as storms and animals chewing on cables. Faulty or recalled components such as this can cause a fire hazard and will mean little or no benefit from the system itself. We are licensed and accredited installers with the tools, experience and capability of carrying out warranty repairs as well as insurance repairs or replacements.

Contact us today with a brief description of the issue and we will book our technician in to repair your system.