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SolaPlumb is your go to Solar Plumber and Electrician! SolaPlumb are Gold Coast based, family owned and operated with over 25 years experience with solar hot water, electric hot water and solar power. SolaPlumb have an experienced team of fully qualified and insured tradespeople ready to help, no matter what type of electrical issue, hot water or solar power system you have. SolaPlumb also install all types of hot water systems and solar power systems.

As electricity prices continue to rise, installing Solar products can save you dollars. With Government incentives still available for solar hot water and solar power systems, you can save even more money! Let the experts at SolaPlumb conduct a free onsite energy assessment at your home or business and provide you with the perfect energy efficient solution — whether it’s solar hot water, solar power or new LED lighting, our personal service will help you understand your energy needs, so the system you invest in will be the right one for your home.

With our knowledge of solar products – installation, maintenance and repair, SolaPlumb’s expertise in all things solar plumber is unparalleled. All work is carried out with 100% compliance with Australian and local standards and in accordance with state and national guidelines. SolaPlumb has all relevant certifications, insurances and Workplace Health & Safety policies in place and, of course, our prices are extremely competitive.

To ensure maximum benefits from installing and maintaining your solar panels, pool heating, or hot water system, and to avoid any potential problems that may occur, it is important to understand how your system works. Our friendly, professional Gold Coast SolarPlumber team will answer all your questions in detail and ensure you understand the installation process, how to operate your system, and offer advice for ongoing maintenance requirements. We will even send you a reminder when services are due.