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Gold Coast Solar Heat Pumps

Extend your swimming season by installing a Rheem/AccentAir Heat Pump system that uses the air temperature to heat your pool. Using very efficient technology, the system’s output is more than 4.5 times more than the power input used, thanks to the heat in the air!!!

The AccentAir Heat Pump System is designed and manufactured in Australia and is made from non-corrosive, high-quality materials. The systems are also designed for fast repairs and are fully serviceable, so they will offer you many years’ hassle-free performance.

Made to run day and night (best during the day when the air temperature is hotter) the AccentAir Heat Pumps have a range of makes and models for varying circumstances and is used to maintain a constant water temperature all year round.

With no panels or tubing needed on your roof, the heat pump is a space-saving, long-lasting solution for your pool heating requirements. It’s easy to operate, economic and is customisable to your needs.