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Gold Coast Pool Heating

We understand the unpredictability of Australia’s climate and how it can affect pool heating. If you want to make the most out of your swimming pool, we have a range of choices for you to consider.

Our pool heating solutions are sourced from companies with many years in the industry and the reputation of supplying high quality, durable products. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages to consider and we can help you make a decision that’s right for you and your family.

At SolaPlumb, we endeavour to provide a custom solution to your pool heating requirements so you can use your pool 365 days every year!

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The Benefits of Installing a Solar Pool Heating System on the Gold Coast

A swimming pool is a fantastic asset to have on your property—especially during the Gold Coast area’s hot summer season. However, having and maintaining a pool can turn into a costly proposition. Between the installation costs, cleaning, maintenance, water costs, pool chemicals and energy costs to keep the pool heated, it’s easy to spend a reasonable chunk of change on a residential swimming pool.

Luckily, SolaPlumb can help. We install solar pool heating systems on the Gold Coast. If you are tired of your pool adding to your energy costs, one of our pool heaters can help cut your expenses. With all the power to heat the pool coming from solar energy, you will be able to slash your energy bill without sacrificing the enjoyment of your swimming pool.

Why Gold Coast Residents Should Invest in a Pool Heating System?

Unsurprisingly, the biggest benefit of using solar power for your pool heater on the Gold Coast is cost savings. Many of the clients who contact SolaPlumb seeking this kind of swimming pool improvement are looking to save money and make their homes more environmentally sustainable. While there is an upfront investment to purchase and install a solar heating system for your pool, you will find that the heater starts paying for itself immediately. Depending on the size of your pool, you can usually expect a solar heater to cover its cost in 2-7 years.

Cost reduction is just one of the benefits of having a solar powered pool heating solution in the Gold Coast. Many local homeowners who have pools don’t have heating systems installed because of the hot summers and mild winters in the Gold Coast area. However, even in warmer temperatures, an unheated pool can get cold and rather unwelcoming during the autumn and winter months. Having a solar pool heater ensures that you can use your pool year-round, without the added energy cost that would usually come from such an installation.

Best of all, when you work with SolaPlumb to purchase and install your new Gold Coast solar pool heating system, you acquire a product that is built to last. Between the solar panels and the heater itself, SolaPlumb backs every part of these systems with easy to understand and fuss free warranties. With our well-built products and customer focused warranties, you can expect your solar heater to last for years and years—plenty of time to pay off the initial product and installation costs.

Learn More about Our Solar Products Today

In addition to selling and installing solar pool heating systems in the Gold Coast and Norther Rivers areas, SolaPlumb also offer a variety of other solar solutions. From solar pool pumps to solar hot water systems for the entire house, we can help you make your home more environmentally friendly and energy cost conscious. Call us today on 1300 GC Solar to learn more.

What’s the Best Option for Pool Heating on the Gold Coast? 3 Reasons to Consider Solar Heaters

There are few things as fun and relaxing as swimming in your own private pool. When the temperatures outside dip as the seasons change, though, the water temperature can drop. When you go to take a plunge, it can feel like you’re jumping into an ice bath! That’s the opposite of the relaxing feeling you want, and that is why many people turn to using a pool heater for their Gold Coast property. However, depending on the size and the volume of your pool, running a typical electric heater could generate a high-power bill, even if you do not heat the pool every day.

There is another, better, and more modern solution: solar power. The sun can already naturally warm your water, so why not use solar panels to capture that energy and use it to re-use it when you want? At SolaPlumb, we have two decades of experience in advanced water heating systems, including pool heaters. When you decide that it is time to consider your options on the Gold Coast for swimming pool heaters, we hope to be at the top of your list. Why are these systems such a good option for many homeowners? There are three main reasons worth considering.

Enjoy comfortably warm water all year round

First, the Solartherm system we employ for pool heating projects offers a more compact and efficient installation that many other solutions. These tubing panels take up far less space than many other products on the market. Do you want to install PV panels on your roof to generate power for your home, too? Solartherm panels leave plenty of roof space free for additional solar installations.

Second, these heaters offer incredible durability and can stand the test of time, delivering long-term savings. Made from durable HDPE welded to the panel, they are resistant to wind damage and even troublesome birds. The long life of the materials ensures there are no leaks and maintains efficiency.

Finally, they offer excellent value and ease of use. The costs of an electric heater are clear. With a solar heater, your main power costs come from running the pump. Use the control panel to determine when you don’t need the pump to run, and rely upon the built-in controller to keep the pool warm when you intend to swim.

Choose the trusted source for pool heating on the Gold Coast

When you require a solution for pool heating on the Gold Coast, it should be clear that solar power is the way of the future for many homes. However, the exact products we recommend and install will depend on a variety of factors. From the orientation of your home to the amount of shade present on the property, we’ll take everything into account to design and implement an efficient heater. These modern systems make it easy to check the status of your pool at a glance, adjusting the temperature and more from a central control panel. Ready to learn more about this exciting option? Visit our contact page to connect with SolaPlumb.